Are Powerlifting Shoes Worth It?

Are Powerlifting Shoes Worth It

Are powerlifting shoes a thing? Sort of. Powerlifting shoes exist in the context that some shoes are better for powerlifting than others, but for the most part, lifters wear either a.) hard-soled sneakers, b.) weightlifting shoes, or c.) deadlift slippers, which might as well just be repurposed Wushu slippers. There aren’t really any specialized powerlifting

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Deadlift Alternatives at Home

Deadlift Alternatives at Home - My Powerlifting Life

The deadlift is an exercise that’s explicitly made effective with heavy weight, and there are few true deadlift alternatives. Heavy weight, in this case, is relative. I’m probably not alone when I tell you that the conventional or sumo deadlift is an exercise that makes you exert maximal force and not something done for reps

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Leg Calisthenics for Powerlifters

Leg Calisthenics for Powerlifters - My Powerlifting Life

When it comes to calisthenics training, there’s no shortage of pull and push exercises. Beginners and masters alike can amuse themselves with countless pushup and pull-up variations, as well as a number of horizontal pulls and vertical pushes. While the upper body is heavily featured in every single calisthenics photo shoot or video, there’s very

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Pushups for Powerlifting – Progressions at Home

pushups doug pruden

The pushup is the quintessential resistance exercise. Perhaps not in terms of effectiveness, but certainly in terms of reputation. It’s a dead-simple exercise and can be done on the fly, like many other calisthenics movements. But its simplicity doesn’t diminish its usefulness. While many powerlifting beginners tend to neglect their pushups once they discover the

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