Leg Calisthenics for Powerlifters

Leg Calisthenics for Powerlifters - My Powerlifting Life

When it comes to calisthenics training, there’s no shortage of pull and push exercises. Beginners and masters alike can amuse themselves with countless pushup and pull-up variations, as well as a number of horizontal pulls and vertical pushes. While the upper body is heavily featured in every single calisthenics photo shoot or video, there’s very

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How to Squat: My Personal Guide

How to Squat - My Personal Guide

Legs are absurdly strong if you think about it. Most people’s squats are not limited by how much force they can produce through their legs, but by their back. Most people can leg press, machine hack squat and hip thrust far more than they can actually back squat. Unilaterally, people can squat more than bilaterally

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