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Powerlifting When Sick

Powerlifting When Sick

As a general rule of thumb, I advise you to avoid powerlifting when sick. Sure, getting your training hours in is important, but if you genuinely feel like crap, chances are that your body is currently busy heavily investing resources in fighting off an infection. Mild exercise might actually do you some good, or it

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Deadlift Alternatives at Home

Deadlift Alternatives at Home - My Powerlifting Life

The deadlift is an exercise that’s explicitly made effective with heavy weight, and there are few true deadlift alternatives. Heavy weight, in this case, is relative. I’m probably not alone when I tell you that the conventional or sumo deadlift is an exercise that makes you exert maximal force and not something done for reps

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Leg Calisthenics for Powerlifters

Leg Calisthenics for Powerlifters - My Powerlifting Life

When it comes to calisthenics training, there’s no shortage of pull and push exercises. Beginners and masters alike can amuse themselves with countless pushup and pull-up variations, as well as a number of horizontal pulls and vertical pushes. While the upper body is heavily featured in every single calisthenics photo shoot or video, there’s very

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